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PHOTOSHOP TUTORIELS-Smart Object and Smart Filter

Smart Object and Smart Filter

You can turn an image into a Smart Object and then apply Smart Filters in Photoshop. The process is quite simple. It will work with all images. I will show you the process and you can then experiment if you like to create special effects.

This is the effect I will be creating this special effect with Smart Filters. The original image is just below.

I will be using this free stock image. You will find it here
It belongs to KlikWorx 

Step 1 : Right Click the thumbnail of the Background layer. From the pop up click on Convert to Smart Object.

The Layer has been converted into a Smart Object.

Step 2 : Go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects.

Step 3 : The Lighting Effects dialogue box opens. Click OK without altering any of the settings.

The image looks like this.

Step 4 : The Layer 0 (the Smart Object layer) now has a mask. Double click the sign the small white hand points to.

Step 5 : This opens the Blending Options for Lighting Effects. The Mode is set to Normal and Opacity to 100%.

Step 6 : Set the Blend Mode to Luminosity first. See if you like it. You can also experiment with Hard Light which I have done. Click OK.

The image looks like this. The Smart Filter has been applied.

Step 7 : If you want to make any change double click the Smart Filter Lighting Effects.

Step 8 : The Lighting Effects dialogue box opens again.

Step 9 : You can change the Style to say Flashlight.

Step 10 : Move the circle of light.

The circle of light has been moved.

Step 11 : If you want to increase the size of the circle of light drag a handle. It will increase the size.
Click OK.

The image looks like this.

Step 12 : Double click the Blending options.

Step 13 : Change the Blend Mode to Multiply.

The image looks like this.

Step 14 : Now lower the Opacity just a tad to 95% and click OK.

The finished image. 
You can therefore see how you can use Smart Filters with a Smart Object.
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