Sunday, March 17, 2019

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIELS-Border with Layer Mask

Take a Texture or an image as background. Paste another image in the foreground. Apply a border and use a Black Layer Mask to see through the border into the texture for a simple special effect.

This is the effect I wish to create.

I will be using this stock image.

And this stock image for the composite.

Step 1 : I have the Texture in the Background layer and that of the girl on Layer1.

Step 2 : I have resized the image of the girl on the fire texture. To do this press CTRL+T. A selection will form. Press SHIFT+ALT and drag a corner handle up and down to resize.

Step 3 : Click the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Click the Subsract from selection icon.

Step 4 : Drag a selection where the border will be placed.

Step 5 : Draw another selection inside. Since the Substract from selection icon was checked I am able to do it. 

Step 6 : Press ALT and click the Add Layer Mask button.

Step 7 : Look at the Layer Mask. A border in black has replaced the selection. Now look at the image.

This is the finished image.
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