Sunday, March 17, 2019

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIELS-Black and White in Photoshop

Black and White in Photoshop

Turning a color image to Black and White seems quite simple enough. Just duplicate the image and press CTRL+SHIFT+U to desaturate in Photoshop. But this does remove the color, but leaves little contrast.
Here is a way to turn color images to B&W i.e. with full contrast. It is quite simple to do really.

This is a color image turned into high contrast B&W.

This is free stock image which you will find here
It belongs to PinkFishGR

Step 1 : Click the Create new fill or adjustment layer button in the Layers palette.

Step 2 : Click on Gradient Map.

The Gradient Map Adjustment layer forms above the Background Layer.

The image looks like this.

Step 3 : Double click where shown.

Step 4 : The Gradient Map can be seen. Click where shown.

The Gradient Editor opens.

Step 5 : Click the Black Color stop. The Color which had been  grayed out now turn Black. The Location is set to 0.

Step 6 : Type in 25 in the Location. The Black stop moves to 25%.

Step 7 : Click the white Stop at right. The Color changes to white.

Step 8 : Type in 85 in the Location. The White slider moves 85% . Click OK in the Gradient Editor.

The Blacks turn darker and the Whites Whiter.
That is all.
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